Our Story

Our story starts in 1986. I noticed that there existed a gap between high-priced CPA firms who thought of small businesses and individual taxpayers as little more than client "Spackle" (that is, work to hurry off between servicing their major clients), and seasonal tax return "popup" shops, which close for the season right after April 15.  I felt I could fill this gap by offering high quality services to small businesses and individuals, and do it on a year-round basis, so clients could always have ready access to competent tax and accounting services.

In 1997, after noticing that clients were getting inconsistent financial advice that far too many times did not take tax consequences into consideration, we decided to expand into financial planning, partnering with Money Concepts.  Today, Laurie handles most of the financial wealth management duties, and clients are happy to have someone who listens and acts in their best financial and tax behalf.  I've always admired her gift of empathy.

Our story concludes with the most important part; you, our wonderful clients.  I could not have come as far as I did without your continuing support for the past 31 years; I simply cannot thank you enough.  May everyone your life touches be as good to you as you have been to me.

We're a Family-Run Business

We're a "Mom and Pop (and Daughter) Shop".  When dealing
with us, you can feel confident your personal information
is only handled by us.

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Tony Muscarella

CPA, Owner


Laurie Muscarella

Wealth Advisor


Lisa  Muscarella

Bookkeeper & Payroll Specialist

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If you're interested, we'd certainly like to hear from you.  Please feel free to call during normal business hours, or e-mail us any time.  See our contact information below.